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This Years Charity 

Stand For Education, Inc. intends to be a catalyst to enrich the systems of opportunity within impoverished and underdeveloped communities globally by providing access to educational opportunities, empowering girls and women, and promoting self sufficiency. By creating and executing effective programs, we will inject real and lasting change into the lives and communities of the people served. For our programs to be sustainable, our board will develop partnerships with various NGO's, corporations, and governments. Additionally, we will develop board-approved income generating activities to support the budget of our programs and projects. 

South Sudan Peacebuilding and Advocacy -  is a program designed to promote education and peace for the children of South Sudan. Through this program, STAND4ED is able to create projects which can benefit the South Sudanese communities. Our goals are to improve access to education, work with existing schools, provide school supply kits and build sustainable schools which will continue to function for future generations. By creating this program, we are able to give the children of South Sudan the tools to help them develop their new nation in order to lead South Sudan into a new era of peace and growth. SSPA is mainly about "conflict-sensitivity' and "peace building" built into different types of education. That means not just building schools but providing the RIGHT KIND OF EDUCATION within them.