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 Culture Couture Designers

Since elementary school, RacQuel has always been an artistic individual who enjoys using her creativity for writing, drawing, and now fashion. In person, RacQuel is described as being nice, reserved and quiet; however, her collections speak volumes and lets her presence be felt and heard without having to say one word. Her designs are bold and one of a kind with having at least one show-stopping moment during fashion shows, which leaves the audience remembering her name at the end of the night.

RacQuel graduated from a private institution in upstate New York in 2014. She studied psychology as a minor because in the future, she plans to start an organization that focuses on using her credentials in psychology and fashion, to help build others' self esteem, both physically and emotionally.

The name of RacQuel's line, REINE By RacQuel, is derived by the French word la reine (ren), meaning queen. In every collection presented, RacQuel expresses the importance of self love. Genuine beauty starts from within and RacQuel believes that both her major and minor will aid her to be well equipped to help others on their journey to embracing their inner Queen or King."



Eva Maskalenko is an aspiring fashion designer based in Boston, MA. She's been in fashion for over four years and specializes in the combination of fashion and nature. Having spent her childhood in New Mexico and moving to New Hampshire as  teen she two different perspectives of natural beauty. Using her life experiences Eva's clothing has feminine feel while connecting her inspiration to the environment.


It’s not for everyone.

Deviant ReBeL Clothing, which was established in 2000 in Boston, Massachusetts. ReBeL has always had an eye for fashion even at a young age. She started out making clothes for her Barbie and Cabbage Patch dolls. ReBeL started designing clothes when she was in middle school, reconstructing clothes that she had purchased and creating new pieces. She then began hand sewing and upon her first year in college in 2000 she was acquainted with the sewing machine and absolutely fell in love because she then knew that she could create masterpieces from scratch.

In 2001, she started learning new techniques and broadening her skills; prom dresses for her family and friends who were graduating became a new accomplishment. 

2013 was one of our biggest years, we were featured in four online magazines (VEIN Magazine, Bleep Magazine, Styles Etiquette and Urban Newz), we were in Connecticut Fashion Week, Boston Fashion Week, and New York Fashion week in 2013.  We were honored to be in the 2014 FDC Gala Collections Showcase in London.

Deviant ReBeL has worked with many local artists such as Ras Beanz , JP LovesIt, Nancia, and Vylette. ReBel's work has been featured in the above artists stage shows/music videos, and also has been features in Konshens' Physically Fit video.

In 2018, we are looking to grow further and spread our love of fashion to the world. Be on the lookout Deviant ReBeL Clothing is on the rise.

How the name came to be:

The name was originally REBEL Clothing. My initials are REB-L and I love clothing, sooooo ReB-L Clothing only made sense. But upon searching the trademark database I quickly found out that REB’L, REBEL, RBL, R-Bel and any other way I spelled it, was already trademarked. So, I had to come up with another name. I tried many options before deciding on DEVIANT REBEL for no other reason besides I liked the way it rolled off my LIPS. Deviant ReBeL embodies all the rebelliousness and tenaciousness of its owner.

Now that I need to explain it, there are many ways you can be a DEVIANT. You can be a sexual DEVIANT, a fashion DEVIANT, or a ____________ DEVIANT. I’ll go with Fashion Deviant. There is no age requirement to be a DEVIANT REBEL woman. My clothing, while not for every, appeals to any woman who has at least a spark of DEVIANT, a drop of REBEL hiding deep within. That voice that tells them to Deviant from their normal way of dress because they can see themselves in that particular piece or pieces.

Unleash your inner ReBeL

Deviant ReBeL believes:

  • That women should feel and look good in the clothing that they wear and have the attitude to match.

  • Individuality is a movement and not a phase.

  • You shouldn't blend in with the crowd

  • That in a Deviant ReBeL piece, you exude confidence and attitude.

  • You should walk like everyone is looking at you and you are the best-looking female in there! 


Cassandra Ann Collection based out of Rhode Island

The Collection is called, HOME. 

This collection is inspired by my own personal story of having lived and moved all over the united states growing up. When people ask me where I'm from, my answer is usually just "all over the place". I have lived in 12 cities across the United States, from coast to coast. I've got a little Texas in me, a little Minnesotan in me, among many other weird quirks from other cities and states. When I was thinking about designing the collection, I was thinking about some of the stereotypes within the places I've lived. Therefore, each look so far in the collection is inspired by those places and things in my life that I remember and experienced in those places. I found myself looking at childhood and even current photos from now and seeing how the fashion was so different in each time and place of my life and how in a whole, it still makes up what the united states is. It's a conglomerate of different cultures and different people. I think it's actually beautiful how I was able to experience all those things growing up because it made me who I am today. I am very excited to be able to share this and show my story. 


I have always been fascinated by storytelling. I find myself looking for stories to tell through fashion as an underlying structure to help support my artistic design. Through storytelling, I find that I can create characters that can shape how a woman can feel in my designs.

I have just graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and am in the process of creating my own brand, Cassandra D’Ann. I design for the woman who wants to feel confident, sexy, mysterious, and beautiful, no matter what size or shape they may be. I want women to feel like they can do anything in my garments. Functionality is a huge part of my design process, as well as intimate details. The women who wear my designs are the ones who truly benefit because they experience all of those things.



Brian Hernandez Collection Based out of CT


Brian Hernandez is a Women's Ready to Wear designer who specializes in bringing fantasy into every day. Based in Connecticut, Brian began his collection from home and with experience in NYC, fashion shows, and internships he has solidified his aesthetic. Pop culture infused American sports wear is what his line can be identified as. With a love for femininity, and the power a woman holds Brian's designs showcase how great it is to be a woman. Powerful, flirty, and fun.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 12.47.28   AM.png

Charel Murrell is the CEO and founder of Royal Essence Garments. Charel has been creating and designing for four years and loves every minute of what she does. Offering people innant style, understanding what makes a person feel one with the aesthetic garment. Her ready to wear spring collection is an ethereal quality, which attracts a royalty and stylish person. In 2017 Charel launched her fashion business while attending Bay State College while continuing to push forward and provide quality clothes that will satisfy all her clients needs.